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What Is the Most Popular Decorating Color?

What is the most popular decorating color? The answer to that question is a resounding “green”! With green accents, your new decorating ideas are bound to be a hit. From wall art and window coverings to throw pillows and tablecloths, the greenery in your life can positively impact your design ideas. Consider some of these renovation tips for green bedroom ideas:

* Kitchen: If you are decorating your kitchen with a green theme, there are several items you will need for the project. For instance, you may choose a green countertop with stainless steel or copper platter or decorative bowls. Or if you are a little creative, you might choose a ceramic bowl with a lemony flavor. Then you can accent it with fresh herbs and a few green vegetables as your side dishes. Add some decorative green lighting and your work is done!

* Living Room: If you want a more sophisticated look in this room, go with a soft blue wall color with a sofa and coffee table in shades of soft greens or blues. For additional accessories, add a few wall sconces and an accent table with an abstract vase or a crystal globe. If you like the look of a natural rug, you can use one in the color of your choice along the wall as well as area rugs around the sofa and coffee table. Add plantings to the area to round out the effect. Again, don’t forget the rug!

* Bedroom: If you like an earthy feel in your living or working space, choose a color that works with woodsy accents. Be careful not to choose colors that are too dark or earthy if you have dark draperies or blinds in your bedroom. In this room, you also want to create an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy so choose a color that works with the carpeting and other decorating features you’ve chosen for the room. This can be a good color for a nursery as well if you have light colored walls. If you have a lovely view from your bed, this would be a perfect color combination for your decorating scheme.

* Kitchen: What is the most popular decorating color for your kitchen? You’re probably thinking it’s either going to be a lovely cream color or perhaps an eggplant. While both of those colors are great for a simple breakfast nook, they aren’t ideal decorating options for a kitchen with cook top and island space. The kitchen has become the central gathering place for family and friends, so if you’re looking for a color that everyone can relate too, consider bright, cheery oranges and zesty reds.

* Bedroom: The bedroom is one of the last rooms you decide to decorate so you want it to be relaxing and inviting. One popular decorating tip is to keep your walls light and add throw pillows with a neutral, earthy scent. Add one or two decorative throw blankets on your bed, then find the perfect shade of pale blue or green to accent your window treatments. Both of these tones will work well with a neutral furniture color such as ivory or mahogany.

* Bedroom: This is the room that is most popular when it comes to decorating. So you want it to feel comfortable and welcoming. You want people to feel cozy when they come to visit or spend time in your bedroom. A popular decorating tip for bedrooms is to use warm orange or red to create a cozy, welcoming environment. Choose a fabric with a light touch of color that flatters your skin and can help it seem weightless underfoot.

* Kitchen: The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is where you prepare your meals and make friends. Many people decorate their kitchens to show an attention to detail and to bring out their personality. So what is the most popular decorating tip? Use bright colors, such as yellow and orange to create a festive atmosphere in your kitchen.

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