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What Colour Is Best?

Which colour is best for the living room? With so many options available today, it can be difficult to decide. Luckily, there are some simple guidelines that can guide you as you make your decision. Consider these renovation tips and find out which colour is best suited for your living space.

Do you have a traditional red sofa in your living room? If so, then choosing a contrasting colour such as black or green might work well. This will allow you to add some interesting elements without making the space too busy. It also makes it appear less like a sitting room and more like a cozy study or family room. Remember that the colour scheme needs to compliment the rest of your home, so choose something that doesn’t clash with the other furnishings.

However, if you do not have a traditional red sofa in your living room, do not despair! Consider incorporating one into the mix. One great option is to simply use a bold red runner on the wall behind your sofa. This will really pop, especially if the colour of the runner is very loud (such as hot pink or deep red). You can tone down the colours of the walls and carpet, using the runner as the finishing touch.

While red is an excellent choice for the kitchen, it does have a much smaller influence on smaller kitchens. Therefore, if you are in this situation, consider a greener option. One example of good green inspiration for the kitchen is to paint the walls a pale green. This will help blend the two colours together whilst providing your kitchen with a colour that helps the room stand out.

Similarly, green can be used for the walls and floors in a kitchen. If you are working with a very small kitchen, then opt for a more natural, less busy colour. If the wall or floor is painted a dark green, then you can tone it down by using a lighter shade of the same colour on the opposite walls. Alternatively, you may wish to opt for a printed wallpaper instead. This will allow you to add more colour to your kitchen without overpowering it, whilst providing a sharp contrast to the walls.

As previously discussed, the kitchen is often the centre of action. Thus, the colour that you choose for this area must help you set the tone for your entire home. Although it is true that red is often associated with the kitchen, do not be afraid to experiment. It is OK to use shades of red as long as they do not become too extreme. For example, a vibrant orange could easily help to add some zest to your kitchen, whilst a soft red could provide a nice touch of elegance.

If you are considering red, you should remember that it is often best to balance it out with other colours. For example, do not choose a bright red if you are aiming for a very light and airy feel in your kitchen. Alternatively, do not opt for an extremely dark red if you are hoping to create a feeling of mystery in your kitchen. Instead, opt for slightly paler reds such as soft orange, peach or pink.

Finally, when you are choosing a new paint colour for your kitchen, take a good look at your existing tiles. If you have chosen red and they are all neutral colours, then you should consider sticking with the neutral colour. However, if there are a range of different colours in your kitchen, then you may want to try a bold splash of colour. As mentioned above, it is important not to be too extreme. Therefore, you should not choose a colour that is too bright for the kitchen. Once you have considered all these factors, you should be able to answer the question, which colour is best?

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