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What Colour Are Trending? Trends in the Home and Work

What colours are trending? If you’re looking to redo a room in your home, you may not know what’s in vogue, or what’s likely to be popular in the near future. For inspiration, look at the latest fashion magazines and websites, or check out the colour trends newsletter. Then decide what colours will best suit your room – whether it’s bright and exciting or more subdued and relaxing.

Before you start on any renovation projects, check out your budget first. While you certainly shouldn’t rule out some renovation jobs, it’s still important to stay within a reasonable limit. Renovation can be expensive, and you may find yourself spending more on one room than on all the rooms in your house. In this case, look for a renovation project that will fit within your current budget.

Next, consider the colour of your existing furniture. Many times, furniture is chosen because it compliments a colour scheme. This doesn’t always mean that the same shade is applied to every piece. If you want to add a bit more colour to your living room, but your sofa doesn’t have the exact shade you’re looking for, opt for cushions instead of upholstery fabric. These will still match most colours but will add a splash of colour where you need it most.

If you have a large amount of space, you may be able to do something different with your flooring. Instead of tile, for example, look at wood or stone flooring. One of the big advantages of stone is its durability, and its natural beauty – no-one will argue that it adds a lot to the ambiance of a room. You could even opt for an over-sized wall of glass to frame some art – modern or contemporary, you can always create a unique look.

As for your walls, you can try to paint one wall a bold colour and the other a softer, pastel colour. A dramatic contrast that works really well is black and white. The black can act as the focal point in your room, while the lighter colour works to give balance and depth to the room. Again, the colour you use on the flooring will depend upon whether your renovation project is to be a minimalist renovation, or if you have more space involved. Modern designs incorporate large tiles in their floor design, and a more traditional look will involve wooden floors.

When it comes to furniture, it’s not always the obvious choices that are in fashion. Leather furniture has always been popular, but this is certainly changing. Leather furniture will look good in traditional designs such as Victorian or Edwardian ones, but it may not always match a contemporary design that features metal or glass furniture. One reason for this is that leather is warmer than the other options. However, if you opt for the more traditional leather option, you should be able to find items that look good both in traditional styles and with contemporary designs.

Of course, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house – and no-one wants their bedroom looking cold and unwelcoming. You can still get the colours you want, but you do need to think about how they will go with each other. For example, you may decide to go for the darker colours of deep red or dark green to match the red of the bedside table and the green of the curtains. On the other hand, you could find that painting the walls a pale, bright yellow helps to brighten up the room – but only if you do not paint the ceiling white.

If you are wondering what colours are trending, take a look around at some colour magazines or websites. Trends are usually a result of what people are looking to purchase for the home; the recent surge in interest in bold and unusual colours is likely to continue. You should therefore pay attention to what is in fashion as often you will find that colours which were once thought of as being out of style will become more popular as the fad wears off.

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