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Is Granite Going Out Of Style?

“Is Granite Going Out Of Style?” is a question homeowners often ask when they are remodeling their kitchens. If you have decided to remodel your kitchen, granite is one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops. Although granite is a very durable material, it is relatively expensive when compared to other materials such as cast iron and soapstone. Despite this fact, the popularity of granite for kitchen countertops continues to grow as homeowners find that it adds an elegant touch to any kitchen environment. In addition, granite is also more affordable than engineered quartz and soapstone.

One reason why granite countertops are becoming popular is that homeowners want the same durability, elegance and functionality as is found with soapstone. Granite is similar to soapstone in terms of wear and tear. Soapstone is a soft, porous stone that has been found in ancient Egyptian temples and tombs. Soapstone is primarily used for countertops and walls because of its porous nature. Granite is composed of the same calcium carbonate that is found in soapstone.

Many homeowners are now choosing granite countertops for their kitchen and bathroom countertops due to its beauty, affordability and durability. Unlike soapstone and cast iron, granite does not chip, crack or break when heavy objects are dropped on it. It is a natural stone with an excellent composition that resists scratches and stains. The price of granite countertops varies from one supplier to another but generally costs more than any other natural stone countertops.

Another question that homeowners commonly ask is “Is granite going out of style?” When considering granite countertops for your kitchen and bath, there are several factors to consider. If your kitchen or bath is small, you should consider a laminate countertop instead of a granite countertop. A laminate countertop will give you the look of granite without the cost. Granite is also available in a variety of colors so if you decide to use granite in your kitchen or bathroom, you can easily coordinate the rest of your kitchen or bath with your decor.

Granite is also becoming popular in modern decorating styles because it is hardwearing and durable. Because granite is heat resistant, you don’t have to worry about your granite countertops getting damaged by extreme heat. You can place hot pans on your granite countertops without worrying about them scratching, denting or burning. This added durability is great if you often cook and bake in your kitchen and bathtubs. These tubs can be susceptible to burns if they come into contact with granite over time.

Granite is also a beautiful material for bathroom countertops. The rich texture and natural tones of granite make it a classy addition to any bathroom. In fact, many bathroom remodels now include granite in the design as homeowners love the look and durability of granite. Granite will also fit perfectly with many other design elements that you may already have in your bathroom such as tiles, vanities and shower stalls. There are many different looks that you can achieve by using granite as a bathroom flooring material.

Granite is also becoming popular for use in kitchen countertops and vanity tops. Many homeowners opt for granite when looking for a backsplash option to their kitchen. It’s hardwearing and durable, making it an ideal choice for countertops and sinks. As it’s so hardwearing, granite won’t crack or break under stress and many homeowners choose it for kitchen countertops because it doesn’t scratch, chip or stain.

So is granite going out of style? It’s impossible to say because there is such a large selection of colors, patterns and styles that granite comes in today. The only way to know what is going to be the next popular choice for your bathroom is to take your time and shop around. With all the great looking bathrooms available, granite is becoming increasingly popular for everything from flooring, countertops, vanities and even sinks!

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