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Where Should a Microwave Be Placed In a Kitchen?

Where should a microwave be placed in a kitchen? In a busy kitchen? In a corner? The top of the microwave oven is typically where people look first when they walk into the kitchen, but does that have to be where it is? There are some kitchen ideas and tips that can help you determine where to place your microwave. Here are some renovation suggestions to help you find the best placement for your new appliance.

The most common placement for a microwave is on the top of a kitchen island or kitchen countertop. This is because it is easier to access and clean the controls without needing to go all the way to the ceiling. However, if your kitchen design calls for you to have cabinets below the oven and sink, then placing the microwave on top may not be the best option. If you need to hide the microwave and prevent noise from the other appliances from waking others up, then putting it on the counter or on a kitchen island may work best.

Another option would be on a wall. Many microwaves have cooling racks located on the front of the unit. They are usually located on the same level as the kitchen island. Placing the microwave on the counter may be a good idea if your kitchen design allows for it. Some older homes have kitchen islands with opening below the oven and sink. It is possible to remodel these areas to serve as a more usable workspace, without making the kitchen larger.

A wall-mounted microwave will take up significantly less space than a free-standing model. They can also take up less floor space. Most models of wall-mounted microwaves are made out of aluminum, which is very lightweight. In fact, the weight of an aluminum microwave is often enough to make it easy to move it if necessary. Some manufacturers will assemble the microwave on-site and will provide you with moving instructions.

A free standing microwave is the simplest way to answer the question, “where should a microwave be placed in a kitchen?” A free-standing model generally offers no storage space, as its support is usually on the countertop. This makes them ideal for small kitchen design. However, because they take up floor space and because they require electricity to operate, they are not practical for kitchens with large Families. In addition, some countertop microwaves have heating elements built into the tabletop, which can make the countertop more difficult to clean than a stainless steel model.

There are larger countertop models that are available. These microwaves offer more storage space and can be used in conjunction with refrigerators and/or stoves. They can also heat water directly over the countertop, which makes them more efficient than free-standing units. The largest advantage is that the microwave is always visible from the kitchen table.

On the lower end of the size spectrum, are the portable microwave ovens. They offer the same cooking quality as bigger models, but their size makes them impractical for most kitchens. As the name suggests, they are meant to be moved from room to room. They are most useful in studio apartments and small kitchen spaces, because their size makes it impossible to fit them into most spaces. Their portability is one reason why many people use them.

The final size class is “abinets”. These appliances are virtually invisible in a kitchen, because they are confined to a cabinet below the countertop. The benefit is that they usually have warming racks and shelves, but they are otherwise very similar to free-standing units. Since they are very compact, they take up very little counter space. Whether you need to cook multiple dishes at once, or just want to minimize the clutter in your kitchen, all of these options are a good place to start looking for answers as to where should a microwave be placed in a kitchen.

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