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What Every Man Should Have In His Bedroom

What Every Man Should Have In His Bedroom? – By Rich Coleman “What every man should have in his bedroom isn’t necessarily what every man wants. It’s the very practical things that every man can do without–and a guy can do without most of them if he really thinks about it.” -From an article in Men’s Home magazine

So what are some of the most common renovation ideas for the male sex organ that we see on TV and in the movies? Well, one of the most popular is the bed chest that can be attached to the wall or the ceiling. The reason that these products are so popular is because they offer a very masculine touch. You also get quite a bit more space in the bed chamber itself as well as storage space below it. There are a lot of other bedroom ideas that feature chests that attach to the ceiling or the wall as well as other items that will allow you to store items and clothing together.

What Every Man Should Have In His Bedroom? – Shades! Believe it or not, there are many different types of blinds available for the man’s bedroom. There are also some interesting multi-purpose “bathroom shades” that are made to go on two or more walls perfect for those long baths.

What Every Man Should Have In His Bedroom? – An MP3 player! If you don’t already have one, some of the more sophisticated models come with speakers, making it possible to listen to music while you’re trying to sleep.

What Every Man Should Have In His Bedroom? – A Computer! It’s a fact of modern life: more people are spending time on the Internet. For men, this means that you’ll need a computer desk that is both comfortable to sit in and has a place for your computer to go. Many bedroom desks offer a drawer or shelf for your computer, but if you’d like, you can even hide it behind a picture of a man that you like.

What Every Man Should Have In His Bedroom? – A Watch! If you are into sports, there are plenty of stylish sports watches that would make a fine addition to your man’s bed. There are many different models available, from models that show the day of the week, to ones that have a calculator so that you can time your runs in the morning.

What Every Man Should Have In His Bedroom? – A Jacket! There are many cool varieties available that let you express your personality with a throw over your shoulders or a vest to conceal your upper body. A heavy duty coat that goes well with your work attire is a must-have in your bedroom. You wouldn’t want to come home one evening only to find your jacket missing half of the way across the room!

The top three items on the list are probably the most “must haves” for any man looking for a nice piece of bedroom furniture. But what every man should have in his bed isn’t on this list (although it should be!). Leather lingerie should definitely be on your list, as should a nice soft bed sheet, a nice rug, and a comfortable night’s sleep.

What Every Man Should Have In His Bedroom? – A Watch! You probably remember seeing movies where the guy slept with his arms behind his head, wrapped in a blanket, or perhaps with a book open to a new reading material. In our modern times, you’ll probably want to choose a material that lets you keep warm at night – perhaps something like Egyptian cotton or even down (just look at what Michael Jordan wore during his career). Some models even elect to go completely wireless. No more reaching out for the remote control!

What Every Man Should Have In His Bedroom? – A Comedy Night! If you have a keen sense of humor, and a sense of observation, then a good night’s sleep may not depend upon how cool you’re supposed to be, but rather on how funny you can make yourself feel. Keep your nightly routine simple – a quick laugh from a favorite comedy routine, a few chuckles here and there, a few jokes told in a singsong voice as you’re falling asleep – and you will find it easier to get into a nightly routine that will make you smile throughout the night.

What Every Man Should Have In His Bedroom? The list of what every man should have in his bedroom is pretty long. Some items are obvious, others are less obvious, but all things must be kept in mind when deciding what to put in your room. There are many options to choose from, so don’t limit yourself!

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