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What Colours Are Trending?

What colours are trending? It seems like the question has been answered before: whatever you think is trendy, people are buying! But how do you know which colours are trendy right now? With so many shades and hues to choose from, choosing the right one can be tricky. In this article we will give you a few pointers as to how you should go about it.

If you want to create a trendy living room then the first thing you need to consider is your colour scheme. You need to pick colours that compliment each other so they work well together. For example, if your walls are all a different colour, then painting the walls a similar shade would not be very stylish. So, instead of painting your walls a bold red you could paint your walls a warm pale pink.

Next you want to consider the furniture. There are so many different types of living room furniture you can get these days. So you will have to decide which furniture trends you want to follow. Some great options for the living room are funky leather sofas, funky wooden chairs, retro lamp tables, funky TV’s and so on.

To really make a statement, you could even do something unusual such as use a coloured rug. A coloured rug can make a big difference to your home as it can add so much style. Try and use a colour that is unusual in your area as this will add a different level of style to your space. For instance, if your home is sultry and sunny, then you could go for a lemon yellow rug; a black and white floor can make your room look chic and stylish, while a lime green rug can make a room that is bright and airy.

You need to think about your budget too. How much are you prepared to spend on a renovation? This will go a long way to making your renovation successful. You will want to choose high end pieces of furniture that will not only add an expensive touch but will also make a statement about your financial status. Once you know how much you are prepared to spend on a living room renovation, you can then start to look at the living room ideas to make this renovation a success.

One great thing about a living room is the fact that you can change it with little effort. What do you normally have on? If you are working on a budget then you should stick to whites, creams and neutrals. Remember that darker colours like red, orange, yellow and dark blue tend to be more seasonal. This means that they will lose their shine quicker than lighter colours. So when you are looking for living room ideas, keep this fact in mind.

Another thing that is worth keeping in mind when you are looking for new furniture is the way the furniture matches with your home. If you have earthy tones in your house then you will want to choose furniture that has a similar undertone. For example, if your house is furnished with black and brown cabinets then you will probably want to choose furniture that has a similar shade of brown and black. So if you live in a modern house with a lot of steel and glass then you may want to stick to something traditional, while if you have a traditional home then you can probably pull off bright bold modern pieces.

What colours are trending? Well, as we have seen these days, black is still very popular and goes great with just about anything. So, if you are looking for a furniture shade that will stand out then opt for black. If you want something that is more neutral but can add character to a room then pick a shade of green or even some blue. These are great colours that will fit in with most decorating styles.

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