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What Colors Are Trending?

What colors are you considering for your next bedroom remodel? This may be a question you have been asking yourself, but you do not know the answers. Fortunately, you have made the first step in learning the answers by looking at some remodel pictures that have been featured in the media recently. You may have even considered redesigning your kitchen or bathroom recently and noticed one or more colors that look intriguing to you.

If you would like to keep your renovation theme fresh, it is important to think of the renovation as an extension of your home. You want to spend time thinking of everything that makes up the house and matching the decorating theme to that. You want to be sure you are choosing colors that will be easy to incorporate into the overall decorating scheme. If your dream is a warm, comfortable home with lots of bright color, then you want to use that color throughout the room. If you want a bedroom that is calm and relaxing, then you will want to use a different color.

Your best bet for finding great renovation ideas is to pay attention to what the experts in the field are recommending. You can learn a lot by reading renovation magazines, talking to design professionals, visiting show rooms, and visiting home improvement shows. What trends are coming up and which colors are the most popular? Once you begin paying attention to what is trendy, you will likely start to discover what colors you enjoy the most. With this knowledge in hand, you can easily begin to incorporate these colors into your design.

When we think of red, we usually associate it with anger, passion, or red roses. These traits make red one of the most popular colors for decorating bedrooms. However, if you are feeling glum about red, try incorporating a touch of blue into the decor. It is a brilliant compliment to bold reds and gives the room a soothing feeling. Blue can really give a nice lift to a dull room.

When we think of green, many people imagine green forests or lush areas of grass. While a green room might not be very practical in many situations, it can be a beautiful accent to other colors. In fact, a lot of homeowners are adding grass-cloths and other green accents to their bedroom design. This trend is also taking hold of bathrooms. More bathrooms are getting greened with tile and accessories.

Pink has always been a favorite, but it has recently gained popularity as a gender-neutral color option. The reason that pink is becoming so popular is because it is extremely versatile. You can team it up with virtually any colored furniture, or use it against white walls. Pastels and a plethora of floral prints have also become popular. These are great choices if you are interested in a pastel theme.

Another popular color is purple. This is increasing in popularity for a few different reasons. Purple is often associated with royalty and the clergy. In decorating, it is often used on furniture pieces such as end tables and cabinets. The purple color is also more popular now than it has ever been, which means you should have no problem finding a variety of purple pieces for your home.

As you can see, trends are always changing. They come and go from one season to another. If you pay attention to the trends that happen around the holidays, you should have no trouble coming up with some fantastic ideas for your next decorating project. Take a look around this holiday season and see what colors are trending!

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