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What Colors Are Trending Now?

What colors are trending now? If you’re a decorator, it is important to know what colors your clients are going for. This will affect the design and color of the materials, flooring and accessories. Colors can make a small space feel larger or smaller. However, if you have a feeling about what colors may be popular, start researching on what these colors could mean.

There are many experts who provide information on what colors are trending now. You can use these experts’ advice to make decisions on the design elements of your room. Popular colors include pastel, earth tones, light greens, reds, tans and gold. With these color trends, you can determine which shades complement each other.

You can research on the latest trends in wall color as well. One study showed that colors such as cream, beige and gray are currently the most popular wall colors. These colors work well for small to medium-sized rooms. However, a dining room is a different story. Dining rooms usually require darker wall colors and large, elaborate window treatments. Dark walls, elaborate window treatments and crisp, modern tables can all contribute to a dining room that feels spacious.

For living rooms, the latest trend may be light colors. Shades of blue and turquoise have become very popular. Light shades to add depth to a room and create an inviting atmosphere. Many homeowners like cellular shades as they give a certain type of depth to their rooms without making them look cramped. You may also want to consider accent colors or stencils that can be painted onto walls in your living room to give the appearance of wall space.

When it comes to bathrooms, the choices are varied but many of them lean toward bold colors. One tip you can use when choosing colors is to match your paint to your wall paint. This is a great way to break up a large area in the room. Also, make sure to choose a bathroom paint that is one tone darker than your wall color. This gives the appearance of more space and makes the room appear larger. If you do not have a lot of wall space, you may choose a bold, bright shade of color to draw attention to a particular feature in the bathroom such as a mosaic tile.

The dining room, obviously, follows the same trends as the living room. One popular choice is a rich chocolate color. Red shades tend to be very popular as well. You may choose rich shades of crimson, deep maroon or a nice shade of green. Neutral colors will also work well in the dining room. If you need to add drama to a room, painting a wall a deep red will certainly get attention and add a dramatic flair.

One trend that is not very popular in today’s home decor trends is going with more natural materials. Natural rugs, ceramic tiles and even stone countertops are being chosen for new additions to the living room and dining room. Rugs and natural materials to give a more earthy look and feel to a space. They are also a much more affordable option than the synthetic materials, most of us are turning to. While they may take some getting used to, they will add beauty and warmth to your home and really add to its charm.

Now, let’s talk about the bedroom! A few trends I have noticed are towards softer, cozier looks. Most often, we are seeing blues and greens that give the room a more relaxing, comfortable and charming vibe. One trend that I am particularly fond of is the “photo print” look. This is where a solid blue or green is printed on a bed sheet and then photographed to create a piece of art that the owner can hang on their wall and display.

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