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Trendy Home Decor – What Is Trending in Home Decor?

If you are not familiar with what is trending in home decor, allow me to give you a brief introduction. When I moved into my home, the decorator that was doing the renovation was very insistent that our “look” is very modern and up to date. I had no problem with this, I love modern things; I wanted to be modern too. It was when he started pushing more outrageous designs that I decided I was never going to live with that decor.

Of course now that I am an older woman living in a house full of old antiques and decorations, I can tell you what is “trending” and what is not. In looking at what is trending, we have to keep in mind that many things change from year to year. For example, the styles of furniture tend to change. So, living room ideas do change as well. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular trends.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the most popular look right now; it has to be a modern kitchen. There is just something about a modern looking kitchen. Most people are under the impression that a new kitchen renovation means ripping everything out and starting from scratch. This is simply not the case. There are so many ways that a new kitchen can look contemporary while staying simple.

When we are talking about the trends that are “trending”, they include new trends in home decor, including high end, high maintenance, ultra modern homes. Most people want to stay modern, but if they have a large bank account they usually go with the super expensive stuff. Trendy high end kitchens look great and they are usually very efficient. One of the most common design elements in a high end kitchen is stainless steel appliances. Just think how awesome a fully functional, efficient stainless steel oven would be!

Another one of the most popular trends in home decor is country style. This is something that you will see a lot in the spring and summer time. Basically, this consists of using a lot of wood furniture, such as tables and chairs, and lots of fabric. The great thing about this record is that it tends to lend itself to being simplistic and easy to clean. It’s perfect for smaller spaces, which makes it a very good fit for apartment living.

Another trend that is very popular in modern home decorating is modern minimalism. Minimalists focus on bringing the most interesting features of a space together without having anything overbearing. For instance, instead of using heavy drapes or a big chandelier, homeowners will often use a few tasteful sculptures and fine art pieces. Because of their simplicity, minimalists tend to create very open and airy rooms, which are great for encouraging freshness.

And finally, the last of the home decor trends we’re going to discuss are eco-friendly themes. These decorating styles try to go more “green” while still providing the functionality that each room needs. Eco-friendly themes tend to use very recycled or reclaimed materials, as well as a lot of earth tones. Often, they come off as being more casual and comfortable than traditional designs. The common theme is using natural products, rather than earth-based materials like bamboo and rattan. And finally, these decorating styles also tend to use a lot of synthetic materials, as well.

Hopefully by now you have some idea about what is popular in home decor right now. There is always something new and exciting coming out, so you should always be on the lookout for new trends that may appeal to you. Just remember, as long as you stay true to yourself and your personal style, there should always be something trendy and new for you to try.

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