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Is Shower Wall Panels Better Than Tiles?

Which is better, shower wall tiles or shower walls with grout? There are pros and cons to both. The following are six notable pros and cons of shower wall tiles verses traditional tile installation in a bathroom:

Wall tiles provide a quicker and easier installation. You can get yourself going in no time at all. You’ll want to measure your bathroom before you choose floor tile or wall panels because tile installation requires jointing, which is usually done by an experienced professional. Tile installation also requires special cleaning and care once tile has been installed. You stand to save quite a bit of money by doing it yourself.

Wall panels are generally easier to maintain as well. Tile can be slippery and can make even the most seasoned professional grimace. Some types of shower panels may require you to wipe them down after each use in order to keep water from pooling in them. This maintenance requirement is not necessary with wall panels

Tile installation is much more expensive than wall panels, especially if you choose large sized tiles. Many homeowners do not consider this expense when choosing their bathroom fixtures because they mistakenly believe that larger tiles will cost less to install and maintain over time. This is not necessarily true, however, and purchasing large tiles can actually increase the cost of your bathroom renovation.

Shower wall panels are often easier to clean than tiles. Tiles can become slimy after each use and can be slippery on even the most slippery floors. While tile is relatively easy to clean, it is a lot more work than most people expect. If you are trying to remodel an entire bathroom and are replacing all of the tiles, replacing shower wall panels may be a far better option.

Are shower walls really better than tiles? When looking at the overall functionality of shower fixtures, there are many advantages to using wall panels over tiles. For one thing, it is easier to install. If you are doing a single shower, all you need to do is simply assemble the panels together and slip them into place, rather than having to worry about tiling and gluing individual tiles into place. Whether you are remodeling an entire bathroom or just replacing the shower head, there are many ideas that do not involve using traditional masonry techniques and materials.

Tile installation is very difficult and requires skill. For those who are not experienced in this field, it can also be very time consuming. Shower wall panels, on the other hand, can be put together in just a few hours, far less than the days it would take to tiling a bathroom. If you have the skills and time, shower panels can be the better option, especially if you are replacing an entire shower.

As you can see, there are clear advantages to using shower walls. Tile installation requires skill and experience, but shower panels are much easier to install, even by a novice. In addition, tiles can be very expensive if you are going for a whole new shower, while shower walls can be constructed from a variety of different materials, including, but not limited to, ceramic, porcelain and stainless steel. These advantages are enough to make shower walls the clear choice for many home improvement projects.

The main disadvantage of having wall panels instead of bathroom tiles is the grout lines. Tiles usually come with grout lines. If you are using ceramic tile, for example, your grout lines will probably be discolored from the different types of tiles used in the bathroom. It’s difficult to get rid of these discolorations, and they may even become damaged over time. In contrast, bathroom walls don’t have this problem, as the grout lines are made out of a tough material that is resistant to staining and discoloration.

Another disadvantage of using shower wall panels instead of tiles is that shower floors tend to be cold. The coldness of the floors can cause the skin to feel itchy and dry. This can result in people using towels to dry themselves off instead of using the bathtub or shower. The extra cold does not come from the tiles, but from the floor.

The final disadvantage of using wall panels instead of tiles is the space that is required to build the structure. When building a new home, there is usually space to build on the surface of the ground. When using a traditional shower wall, you have to build the frame, and then build the framing and decking around the structure, which takes up a lot of space. Even though it’s traditional, shower walls are a very modern design. It’s possible to find them in a variety of sizes and designs to fit into any size bathroom.

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