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Is It Ok If Curtains Don’t Touch The Floor?

Many people have living room ideas that revolve around the concept of making sure their curtains don’t touch the floor. This is especially a problem in some older homes with hard wood floors. The first rule of thumb is that if you have hardwood floors, or your living room is in a home with a hardwood floor, you probably want to consider using drapes over the windows. This is because the windows and the floors are going to be more likely to get stains.

If you are lucky enough to have newer wooden floors in your home, then this isn’t a major problem. You can still use drapes and use runners that will allow the curtains to run over the floors. In older homes the floors can sometimes become stained from grease or soap, water damage, and so on. These stains can be nearly impossible to remove without professional help.

If you are having problems with stains, or hardwood floors, then you should really consider a living room idea that involves no touching of the floor. One option is sheer window coverings. There are now curtains available that are made of sheer fabric and these are very easy to open and close. You can also buy blinds that have sheer fabric pulled back from the top. These types of blinds can be opened and closed, but they are heavier than drapes.

Another option is sheer fabric draperies. These work well in homes where there is no solid floor. If you want to make sure your floors are not being damaged by curtains that do not touch the floor, then you might want to consider using blinds or other fabrics that will not damage your floors. Your living room ideas could include using rugs on the floor, if you have area rugs or even use rugs that you pull out from underneath the curtains. If you decide to use rugs, you should make sure they are area rugs. These are smaller than traditional rugs and they do not weigh as much.

If you are concerned about stains, and cannot find curtains that will not damage your floors, you might want to look at carpets. Area rugs are good for living room ideas because they are easy to keep clean. They can also help to protect your floors from stains. Of course, if you stain the carpet, you will need to replace the area rug.

When looking at the materials that you are using in your home, you should also consider the impact these materials will have on your floors. For example, if you have hardwood floors, you may not want to choose linoleum or tile as your material for your curtains. Linoleum has a tendency to leave footprints, especially around shiny areas. Tile can easily scratch your floors. Most people are fine with using these materials, but if you have concerns, you can always have your carpet professionally cleaned to cover any potential damage.

Some floors are made of vinyl or another material that can be very slippery. You should avoid putting your feet directly on the floor if at all possible. Even if your floors are not specifically made of vinyl, you should still consider how slip-resistant your floors are. Some people like to have nice decorative rugs on their floors so that they do not have to worry about the impact of the floor on their furniture. If your rug is too slip-resistant, then curtains may be a bad choice, but if your rug is sturdy, then you should go with curtains instead.

One thing that many people do not think about is the way that the room is decorated. Do you have a nice sofa in the room? If so, you need to consider if it is important that the curtains cover this sofa. You can always glue the curtains to the sofa, but if there is a leather or other fabric on the sofa, it can get ruined if the curtains get wet. When you get down to it, every little detail in your house is important and should be considered, including your floors.

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