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Is it Cheaper to Tile a Shower?

Bathroom renovation is becoming quite popular and you may be asking “Is it cheaper to tile a shower?”. This is one of the most common renovation questions that home owners ask, as they are interested in having a pleasant renovation. Here are renovation ideas that will help you choose whether you should go for a renovation or just tile your shower.

Bathroom renovation will be more expensive than other rooms in your home but the costs can be divided up with ease. You can always hire a contractor and he will take care of all the necessary steps towards transforming your old bathroom into something fresh and new. If you want to renovate your shower yourself then you will have to do a lot of research to find out what tiles are available and how much each tile cost.

Before you start working on your renovation project, make sure you know the basics of bathroom design. A good knowledge about designing of tiles will be helpful. If you have the right material then you can choose your tiles without any hassle. But if you do not have the proper knowledge then it can prove difficult to select the right tiles.

Tile prices would differ depending on where you would buy the tiles from. The tiles that you would be using in your bathroom should be resistant to water and mildew. The tiles that you choose should also be easy to clean and they must look at their best after every wash. There are various types of materials that you can use for your bathroom renovation project. Natural stones like marble and granite are highly preferred by many people. They add a lot of elegance to the bathrooms.

But if you do not like these natural stones then you can also opt for ceramic tiles. These tiles are made from clay and they do not react with any acidic material. You can see a lot of variety in these tiles. They are easy to maintain as well. And if you have a shower enclosure then you would not need to spend much on its renovation.

A new shower enclosure can look very nice. However, if you have a curtain wall behind it then it would not be possible to change the look of the bathroom. For this reason, there is an option for you to replace the curtain with an inexpensive shower curtain. This will save you money and you will get an elegant look for your bathroom.

Is it cheaper to paint a bathroom floor? Yes, if you want to give a completely new look to your bathroom. You can also paint the walls of your bathroom. However, painting the walls of your bathroom would require some amount of work. You would need to remove the existing wallpaper and install it again. And you would need professional help for this job.

If you want to change the tiles then you can hire a carpenter to make the changes. However, this job will be costlier than other bathroom ideas. You can also try installing chrome shower pan. However, it will be more expensive than the regular tiles. But it will give you a new and classy look for your bathroom.

If you are renovating your old bathroom then you can consider replacing the tiles with the new ones. For this you would not have to put much effort. You can just replace few of the tiles. You can use marble for this job as marble is durable.

The other bathroom ideas include using quartz for making the tiles. This stone is affordable and it gives a new look to the bathroom. Moreover, this stone is heat resistant so that your bathroom remains hygienic even when you are using hot water in it.

Finally, you can have your shower custom made. There are lots of companies who will be willing to custom make a shower for you. You can choose the material, color, shape and size according to your needs and budget. So, if you are still pondering over this question “Is it cheaper to tile a shower?” then you should consider all above factors before installing a new shower.

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