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Is Accent Walls Out Of Style?

If you ask an interior designer what the most difficult obstacle for modern renovation is, most would say “wall clutter.” Wall clutter accumulates over time; as a person uses a room, wall hangings, pictures, knick knacks, and so on, more get crammed against the walls, hindering the flow of movement in the space. Aesthetically pleasing as some art may be, it’s impossible to appreciate art if one’s gaze is fixated on a jumbled mass of miscellaneous objects. Worse yet, wall hangings are prone to get lost or damaged. For this reason, some people opt not to display art on their walls, even if they love them. How can an aspiring interior designer avoid this common obstacle in living room ideas?

One answer lies in coordinating the rest of the living room. Walls aren’t meant to accent items; they should compliment them. A living room should act as an extension of the house, and its contents should tie the entire space together in a cohesive whole. While coordinating the rest of the decorating theme, keep in mind that wall hangings can contribute to or distract from a room’s focal point.

When seeking out living room ideas, consider painting the walls in a complimentary color. Many homeowners choose to complement their living room’s wall color by painting one wall a lighter hue than the others. However, don’t let painting the wall a hue that is too vibrant or garish distract from the overall design!

In other words, don’t try and force a single wall’s appearance to match that of the entire living room. As long as the other walls are in an appropriate scale to the scale of the accent walls, they can be easily matched. To learn more about using painting to accent walls in your living room ideas, keep reading.

Wall murals are a great way to add some color to any wall in your home. There are many types of wall mural, such as a collage, a painting, or even a mural of abstract designs. Mural wall art can be a great addition to your wall’s overall appearance, but there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the perfect piece for your living room. First, you will want the artwork to have similar sizes and bold colors. This is important because it will help tie all of the other elements in the room together.

Next, you will want the accents to complement the other elements of your room. If you have wood trim in the room, you will want your accent walls to also have a similar style and color scheme with the wood trim. If the wood trim is in a darker shade, you will want the rest of the room’s decor to carry a similar tone. It is also important to keep in mind that the artwork you select should show the colors and textures of your wall. It is not a good idea to choose a background with a texture or color that completely distracts the viewer from what is being displayed in the foreground of the room.

Finally, you will want to choose accessories that complement the walls. For instance, if you have leather furniture in the room, you will want to add some decorative pieces with leather to the walls, as well. This way the room looks complete and you do not have to go out and buy new furniture. Another option is to add drugs to the walls to make them look more like the floor covering found in many homes, such as the traditional rugs found in eastern homes. Either way, you will end up with a look that brings life to your rooms.

In conclusion, no matter what type of decor you decide to incorporate into your home decorating, you will want to consider the look you want to create. If you are simply trying to update the look of one room, such as your living room, you will want to focus on the walls first. If you have a larger home, such as a vacation home, you may want to focus on adding accents to the wall. This may include art, rugs, or other accessories to help give the room a nice, finished look.

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