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How to Choose the New Color of Kitchen Flooring

One of the most asked question by a homeowner is what is the new color? Renovation is the buzz word today and it applies to both residential and commercial spaces. Before you change your interior design, it is better to plan for it well in advance. Planning for a kitchen renovation requires you to take into account the likes and dislikes of the residents as well as the lifestyle of the family.

If you want to make the renovation a successful one, then it is very important that you know what the current trend is when it comes to color. By getting an exact idea as to what color you need to go for, it becomes easy for you to finalize on a kitchen renovation color that goes with the general decoration scheme of the house. Therefore, if you have decided to renovate the kitchen with a contemporary theme, then these are some renovation tips for you:

First of all, make sure that your choice of color matches well with the walls. Dark colors usually compliment dark-toned walls. While light shades are good for light-toned walls. Hence, it is important to choose a color that works well with your expectations.

When it comes to deciding on the flooring, consider new options like granite tiles, marble and wood. For bathrooms, you can go for tiles made from natural materials like slate, sandstone and ceramic. Slate has become quite popular for bathrooms as it adds a sophisticated look to the place. Bathrooms also need to have large-sized mirrors so that they can be easily seen. So, these are some renovation tips that you might not have known until now.

Windows and roofs are the other areas that require attention in renovation. For instance, if you are planning to replace the old roof with a new one, then you should consider the color scheme and then select the material for the roofing. Similarly, you should decide on the windows and doors that you will want for the new structure.

What is the new color? is a question that is asked not only by home owners but also builders and contractors when it comes to planning a new kitchen renovation. Basically, there are two types of kitchen renovation that you can opt for, namely, classic and modern.

You can choose to revamp the whole kitchen or just parts of it. If you want to renovate the whole kitchen, then you need to choose a similar color as the existing cabinets and walls. You can use a shade of white, green or blue for the walls and countertops. Once you get the shades right, you can paint the rest of the walls in the same color. However, you can use different shades for different sections, such as the sink and the islands.

Modern kitchen renovation is all about showcasing your contemporary style taste. In this case, you can choose a new shade of paint, which goes well with the overall design of your kitchen. If you want a traditional feel, then you can use a darker shade of paint for the walls and a lighter shade of paint on the countertop and the appliances. The lighting fixtures can also be in antique or traditional designs to give your kitchen renovation a true touch of class.

If you are going for a vintage feel in your kitchen renovation, then you can use the same shade of paint for the cabinets and the walls. This will bring out a vintage feel in the room. However, you can choose to use modern designs for the appliances, countertops and even the flooring. The flooring can be tile, wood or carpeting. You can also use tiles or stone for the backsplash.

A lot depends on the color of your home. If you are living in a period residence, then you can choose to have period features in your kitchen renovation. A lot of older homes use brick and stone countertops, which look very elegant. You can choose to include wooden flooring in your kitchen renovation. Some homeowners stick to using ceramic tiles in their kitchens, as they come in so many different colors. To complete the look, you can even choose to install a kitchen island with a stove and a sink.

What is the New Color? If you are not sure on the color you want for your kitchen renovation, then you can use colors that are similar to the one you want. For instance, if you want a more traditional theme in the room, use brown tiles.

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