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How Is Oak Cabinets Coming Back In Style 2020?

“Are oak cabinets coming back in style?” That is the question most people who have recently purchased an old home or are in the planning process ask. It is a valid question and one to which there are several answers. And, it helps to understand that the “coming back” question refers to a complete remodel of the kitchen and other areas of the house and not just a few cabinets replacing others. So if you are asking, “are oak cabinets coming back in style,” you should also be looking for some kitchen renovation ideas as well.

There are several reasons why people ask, “are oak cabinets coming back in style?” Among those reasons is the desire to create a more contemporary kitchen with modern appliances. This is understandable and will result in a noticeable improvement in the home’s appearance but, regardless of the reason, there are steps one can take to ensure the investment makes a positive return.

When people remodel their kitchens, they want to add new appliances, new countertops, new flooring finish and new everything else that goes along with the project. While all of these things are important, one element often overlooked until needed is the proper installation of the new appliances, countertops and other flooring. If the installation is not done correctly, it will not only be costly but also likely never come back. The same thing goes for the purchase of oak flooring because even the best materials are useless if they are installed incorrectly.

Even though a new stove or range hood is the focal point of any kitchen renovation, it is the installation of the items that will ultimately make or break the project. When the floor and countertops are done properly, the natural beauty of the wood is enhanced. However, if installation was flawed, the final product will have a lower resale value and won’t withstand years of family use. This is why many homeowners are now asking “why are oak cabinets coming back in style again?”

The truth is that the design phase of any kitchen renovation is just as important as the finishing touches. People don’t often think of cabinets as a design element when they remodel their kitchen. However, while the basics of cabinetry such as cabinet widths, cabinet hardware and stain color are important, you must also pay attention to the details as well. For instance, a new dishwasher needs to be mounted at the proper height. If it is too short, dishwashers are likely to slide off the shelves and onto the floor. Conversely, too long and dishwashers will be in the way of movement and cleaning.

If there is a new kitchen range or display area, the design of the walls must flow with the new kitchen cabinetry. A new flooring pattern should be considered as well. If there is going to be a new flooring pattern, the flooring must match. If the flooring is different than what is on the walls, the new kitchen design will be compromised. This is why it is so important to get everything aligned properly before starting the renovation.

When designing a new kitchen, it is wise to consider a wide variety of different materials. You will need to determine whether you want a new paint finish or simply want to stain and varnish your cabinets. Staining is an option that is becoming more popular among homeowners looking for a bold new look. If you have cabinets painted, you will be able to choose from an array of modern colors including bright orange, bold lime green, and classic teal.

It should be rather obvious by now that you would like to know how are oak cabinets coming back in style. By getting a glimpse at the new trends in kitchen design, you can ensure that your kitchen makes a bold statement in your home. Choose the design wisely, and make sure that you buy all the materials you need from the start. This way, you can be assured that your kitchen renovation will be a success.

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