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How Far Up the Bathroom Wall Should I File?

Here s some bathroom renovation tips to help you with the question, “How far up the wall should I tile?” You may be surprised that the answer is more than one answer. There are so many factors involved in determining how far up you should tile, and there are many renovation ideas that can change how you decide.

Full tiling showers look larger because of their proclivity to bounce light up and out. Partial tiled showers can sometimes make renovating such a chore because you will usually need to even the surface all around. If your bathroom has a separate shower area, then you can just install a tiled shower surround, but if not, then full tiling is probably your best option. It also gives you many different ways to design your space and it gives your bathroom a finished look, unlike a plain ceramic tile or stone floor.

The first renovation idea is to use a sliding shower door as a panel in which you can tile. Some of these doors come with a special edging that prevents water from the adjacent floor from being absorbed. You can choose a traditional looking shower door, or you can experiment with different styles and materials. A curved shower curtain would also be an interesting addition.

If you are using a liner for your entire floor, then you might want to consider putting a shower surround under your tiling, particularly if your wall behind is brick. A special shower curtain with different tiles on each side can give your bathroom a nice even look, rather than using one big tiled panel. Putting different tiles in a row makes it easier to clean, and allows you to make use of different sized tiles.

When you are choosing the right style of shower curtain, you need to think about how big your shower stall is. You want to choose a fabric that is durable against wear and tear. Many people do not realize that what seems like small tiles actually make a big difference. Larger tiles seem bigger because of the illusion they make. If you have a large bathroom, you can use larger tiles, but if you have a smaller space, you probably do not need that many smaller tiles.

Choosing to tile your wall behind your fixtures is not always a bad idea. You can use decorative concrete for this purpose. Just make sure that you use a good sealant to protect your newly tiled floor, since it can get damaged if you spill something on the tiling.

There are many styles to choose when it comes to bathroom floors. Tiling your floor with larger tiles like ceramic or marble will look nice. But if you do not have a large bathroom, you can try using a colored tile. The popular choices are the light blue tile, the dark blue tile and the black tile. You might also consider choosing red or green colored tiles if you have a bathroom with lots of green plants. They make the floor more interesting.

Bathroom tiling can give you several different ways to redecorate. It is not always necessary to use a new kind of paint, especially if you plan to use the same color for several different purposes. It is possible to use the same color for several different purposes and then just paint one particular side of the room. This is not allowed with ceramic or marble tiles, though. There are different kinds of sealants that can be used to protect your newly tiled floor.

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