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How Expensive is Quartz Backsplash Tile?

When considering the question of whether or not is quartz cheaper than granite, it is important to consider all of the different materials that granite can be combined with. Granite is among the most commonly used and versatile natural stone forms utilized for a tremendous variety of purposes, such as buildings, statues, fireplaces, floors, and kitchen countertops. Granite and quartz are the main two minerals that make up this unique stone, which also comes in gray, ivory, pink, and shades of black and white. Although it is more expensive than granite, quartz is still cheaper than most other types of stones because of its durability and naturally reflective properties. Because of these properties, many people choose quartz over granite for their renovation projects.

Before deciding upon the best answer to the question of “why is quartz cheaper than granite?” it is important to first consider the differences between stone and tile, as well as the importance of using eco-friendly products. By considering the many ways that natural resources are used, one can appreciate why granite is often more cost effective than quartz backsplashes. This article will briefly explore the differences between these two popular forms of kitchen countertop material.

Granite is a sedimentary rock composed mainly of calcium carbonate, which makes it porous and less dense than most other minerals. Because of its porous and “open” structure, it absorbs light and heat more readily than other stones, which means that under the right conditions, granite can be expected to change color. While most colors will not change much within a one-inch square foot area, there are some variations that can be observed. For instance, yellowish may turn to orange over time, while purple may change to green over time.

This absorption process is important to understand when considering why is quartz cheaper than granite. Because quartz stone has a higher concentration of color and heat conductivity, it is more susceptible to absorbent chemicals and heat. If it is installed in an area where humidity and heat are high, it may crack, break, or become damaged. The porous structure of this material also allows moisture to seep through and cause stains and discoloration over time. For this reason, the use of granite in high traffic areas should always have a vapor barrier installed to prevent damage to the countertop.

Why is quartz cheaper than granite countertops cost? The main factor affecting the cost of this product is the manufacturing process. While quartz stone in its natural form is extremely expensive, it is usually manufactured in a kiln to reduce the manufacturing costs. In most cases, it is then sold to the consumer at a much lower price than if it were to be manufactured in an oven. This reduction in cost is passed onto the consumer in the form of lower prices.

What about the veining in granite slabs? Most consumers don’t realize that there is more to the manufacturing process of veining than just adding pigment to the rock. A high heat treatment is necessary to help reinforce the strength and toughness of this material. While the cost of this treatment is often included in the pricing of this product, the cost of installing the necessary heating systems can also drive up the cost of this product. Therefore, when considering what is quartz cheaper than granite slab, it is important to factor in the additional cost of this treatment as well.

When considering which is quartz cheaper than granite countertops, another question to ask yourself is: “How expensive is installation?” If you choose to have a professional install your new stone countertop, the cost can be considerable. This cost should include not only the cost of hiring the installer, but also materials, tools and equipment necessary for the installation. If you choose to have your quartz countertop installed by a contractor, this cost can be significantly higher. However, some countertop installers offer slab and tile discounts if the job is completed with them.

It is important to consider all aspects of your kitchen renovation before choosing which is quartz backsplash tile or granite countertop to purchase. While each material has different characteristics, these same characteristics also make each material unique and more beautiful when incorporated into the kitchen design. By being aware of the variables involved in the purchasing of these kitchen renovation pieces, you will be able to choose the best investment for your kitchen renovation.

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