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How Does Grey Make a Room Look Larger? Renovation Ideas for Small Spaces

It’s funny you should ask “Does Grey really make a room look bigger?” Because when I was young, I could never believe that Grey was actually a color. It just didn’t look right. In fact, when the TV camera zoomed in during any moment of a movie or TV show, it was almost impossible to see where the person was sitting in the room. I could swear that they were standing next to a wall, but the wall was always behind them so they couldn’t see the back wall!

My friends and I would get together when we had free time and debate whether or not the building that we were sitting in looked OK. If there was a wall over our heads, it was either because we were standing in front of it or because we were looking at the other side of the wall. This is the worst case scenario of renovation ideas – because it can leave you with a small, distorted look of the room you want to renovate. It can make even the most experienced interior designer wince.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! There are ways that renovation ideas for small rooms can add width and make your small living space feel wider. By adding a bit of color with curtains or throws and even by using wall art, you can make your small space look larger than it really is. Here are some renovation ideas that can help you do this easily, effectively, and professionally.

– Colorful Curtains You might think that having curtains with light tinted areas would be jarring and dramatic. After all, white curtains seem boring and plain. But when you play up the light and dark tones of a room, the curtains become a focal point in their own right, creating visual interest while also diffusing light around the edges of the curtain, which helps open up your whole renovation concept.

– Functional Curtains can serve as the framework on which your whole renovation plan sits. Think about it this way: curtains create boundaries, but they also create the impression that there is more space beyond them. By adding ruffles and other details, you can make your living or dining area appear larger than it actually is. This works great in smaller apartments or in spaces that are difficult to furnish. The same concept is useful for bedrooms, where functional curtains can create an illusion of larger rooms, if done well.

– Light Up the Walls Another simple renovation idea that adds visual interest is to light up your walls. Wall lighting can give a very elegant look to smaller rooms. This technique is especially effective in a kitchen, where it can brighten up the space and make it feel larger and warmer. This technique is also useful in larger rooms, where it can create a feeling of depth. If done correctly, you can significantly increase the perceived size of the room.

– Furniture Purchasing and Customizing Great furniture are always a good idea. This makes the renovation much easier since you have the opportunity to personalize everything from your cabinets to your lamps. A big mistake with renovations is not making custom changes. The most important aspect when making changes is making sure they fit well together. Otherwise, you will be constantly adjusting things and this is definitely not the way to go if you want to enjoy a successful project.

– Dining Space and Tables For any dining space to look good, it has to be well-chosen and comfortable. Tables and chairs can make big differences, as can extra decorations. Of course, more decoration is usually a good thing, but never go overboard. In general, if you do all the right things, then a renovation is sure to be a success and you will love the way it transformed your space.

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