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How Do I Pick the Right Curtain Color?

You may be thinking “How do I pick the right curtain color?” when you are moving into a new home or simply redecorating. If this is your first time redecorating, you may be anxious about how you should proceed. Fortunately, there are some simple renovation tips that you can follow to help you with the redecorating process.

The first thing that you will want to decide is how you want to use your living room. Do you plan to use it for relaxing and entertainment purposes or do you plan to make it more of a family center? Once you have determined how you will use your living room, you will want to figure out the colors that you would like to use. Will you choose something bold and vibrant or something a little more delicate? These are questions that only you can answer but one thing is for sure, you will want to add some personality to your new decor.

Once you have determined how you will use your living room you will also need to decide on the curtains that you are going to hang. This decision is also an important part of redecorating. While you can always change the curtain into whatever colors you prefer but if you have already selected the colors for your walls and window treatments, you may not be able to find coordinating curtain colors. One of your best bet is to find decorating inspiration from magazines or online websites that feature rooms that are decorated in the latest styles.

Once you have chosen the curtains and the designs that you will incorporate into your living room, you are ready to begin decorating. One idea that you can try is a modern theme that utilizes darker color palettes like black, gray and white. Some great fabrics to use in this design are denim, chenille and a nice sheen fabric. Another idea is to use the same colored drapes for the curtain tie-backs and valances as you do for the curtains.

Now that you have your base color palette and your curtains selected you will want to choose your wall color, whether it be a subtle brick color or a deep teal. You will then want to pull the accent curtains in to frame your walls and highlight the colors you have selected. You can either hang several curtains to build up the look or just draw one curtain across the bottom of your windows that will serve as the focal point. If you have an area rug, you can use that as the under slipcover. The only real rule here is that you must keep your curtain color in the same hue or shade as your wall so your living room will have the appearance of one entire room.

There are several fabrics that work really well in this scheme. Most are in shades of off-white to light gray, which provide just the right amount of contrast to your wall color. One suggestion is to purchase curtains with a fabric that comes in a slightly darker hue. This would be used along one wall to create a focal point and provide a contrasting element. If you do not want the curtains to be a focal point, you could use them on several walls to create different textures and moods.

If you are still not sure how to go about this task, let us review some tips. When picking the curtains for your living room always remember to choose something you will love. The style of the curtains, whether they are roll ups or curtain rods should also be something you like. For example, if you love throw pillows you may consider purchasing a few coordinating throw pillows that match the curtains that you have chosen. If you can not find any throw pillows of the exact color you may want to consider purchasing faux throw pillows that look like the real thing but are much cheaper.

When picking the curtains to adorn your bedroom you should consider the size of the window you are hanging the curtains in. If the window is small then you should purchase smaller drapes. On the other hand, if the window is very large you should purchase larger curtains that will appear to float over the top of the ceiling. Another important factor to consider when choosing the curtain color of a room is the theme that you are decorating with the room. If you are decorating a traditional styled room then you may want to choose colors that coordinate with the color scheme and decor. However, if you are decorating a modern styled room then you can use nearly any color as long as it matches the design and theme of your room.

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