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Can You Install an IKEA Kitchen Yourself?

If you are looking at remodeling your kitchen, you should think about the IKEA kitchen renovation ideas that they offer. These ideas include everything from new cabinetry and countertops to custom cabinetry, faucets and even the kitchen flooring itself. According to Dan DiClerico, an independent renovation consultant, all Home Depot kitchens are on the low to midrange end of the price spectrum, priced from around $20,000 – to as much as $25,000 – and though you can get an IKEA kitchen for only half that price, it still makes good sense to hire one of these talented designers. He continues, “An IKEA kitchen may look appealing from a design standpoint, but it is a different process to having one installed. It requires a contractor who has the knowledge to understand the design specifications of these high-end products, along with the ability to work in a tight schedule.”

When it comes to your budget, the cost of hiring an IKEA kitchen designer is relatively cheap when compared to having to do it yourself. The cost of materials alone is so far off that you will feel like a huge weight has been taken off your shoulders. According to DiClerico, “Even if you do have some knowledge of construction, renovation or home improvement, there is still a learning curve when it comes to handling products such as an IKEA product. If you have the tools and experience, it can save a company a lot of time and expense.” In fact, IKEA offers classes on new products, renovation tips, and many other subjects so you can become more knowledgeable about their products before starting on your own project.

If you have some basic carpentry skills and can work with tools, installing new cabinets yourself can be done in just three weeks. The secret to this expedited completion is hiring a contractor who has the necessary skill sets to finish your project in three weeks or less. Installers are also very familiar with the latest technology and can get the job done much faster than you can. According to Todd DiClerico of Home Depot, “We strongly recommend hiring an IKEA specialist for installations of flat panel televisions and other high-end products such as cabinetry and drawers. These specialists not only know the best materials and supplies to use but also have the tools to finish a job in less time than if you were to do it yourself.”

Another key component to completing this renovation successfully is the use of proper tile preparation and grout. According to Mark Langan of Century Tile and Grout, “I believe the most important part of installing tile correctly is selecting the correct grout. IKEA recommends the use of ceramic tile adhesive for installation.” Of course, there are many different types of grout available, but many of them are simply not strong enough to hold the heavy vinyl tile that is typical of a contemporary kitchen. This means that a professional contractor or a do-it-yourselfer would be necessary to complete the job.

The installation of cabinets is another area that is often tackled by the DIY’er, but it can be a difficult task as well. The average homeowner may not have the right skill set to install kitchen cabinet faces and backsplash tiles, unless they have previously installed extensive cabinetry themselves. In some cases, you may be able to install the face and backsplash alone, without any help, but you should never attempt the subway tile installations if you are not adequately skilled in the kitchen cabinet installation field. Installing the faces and backsplash by yourself, without the aid of specialized skills and tools, can cause serious damage to your kitchen cabinets and can require a complete overhaul of your kitchen flooring. If you decide to take on this renovation on your own, you must realize that you will need a good electrician and/or a plumber to complete the work, and that you will probably need to have some knowledge of plumbing in order to install the subway tile correctly.

Installing countertops is another area where a do-it-yourself homeowner might try to tackle the renovation, but it is usually a bad idea. Countertops are custom pieces of granite, and if you try to install the laminate countertop yourself, you can run the risk of causing the granite to become damaged, chip, or crack. You may be tempted to purchase the countertops from the local Home Depot, Lowe’s, or King’s Home Depot, but these stores often carry only a limited selection of countertops. When you are considering the purchase of custom kitchen cabinets and countertops, the cost can often be a significant factor. The best bet is to look for reputable dealers who stock leading brands in both the kitchen cabinets and countertops area.

Installing new appliances is another area that most homeowners will steer clear of when they are trying to do a do-it-yourself kitchen renovation. If you install the new appliances yourself, you run the risk of damaging them during or after the installation. Although installing new appliances might seem like a good idea, the fact is that the majority of homeowners find that the new appliances require a fair amount of tinkering. The last thing you want to do is to damage your new appliances just to save a few dollars on the renovation. Instead, ask the help of a trusted friend or family member who is capable of installing new appliances, and let him or her do the work.

Although a do-it-yourself project may not be the ideal solution when you want to replace your old kitchen cabinetry, it is certainly a viable option when faced with remodeling an entire floor or half of your kitchen. There is no reason why you should have to spend thousands of dollars to completely transform your kitchen. If you have a basement kitchen space, you may want to seriously consider a do-it-yourself installation of your new kitchen cabinets and drawers, so you can get back to what makes you happy, cooking with friends and family in your new kitchen.

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