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Can Lighter Flooring Make a Room Look Larger?

Many people ask the question do lighter floors make a room look bigger? In their answer they assume that they can do more to make a room look larger than it is. In actuality, a smaller room will appear bigger if you make it appear larger than it actually is. It is possible to do this without having to do anything other than rearrange the furniture and put some new lighting in the space. These renovation tips will give you some great living room ideas that will increase the size of your living room without making it look any smaller.

You may have to go out and buy some new carpet, but even with new flooring you can still do some rearranging. Flooring choices should be based on your taste, but you should also keep in mind the flooring’s ability to hold up to certain activities. There are some great choices for beautiful living room flooring, such as wood, marble and granite.

One renovation idea that is not often thought of is that of expanding the available area in the kitchen. With today’s appliances, a lot of kitchens have more surface area than they used to. If you do not have more counter space, you can expand the cabinets in your cabinets or add island units where you can place utensils, and cookbooks. If you have a large family or a bar at your home, this makes for an ideal way to use your space. It can also make your home look more attractive.

Lighter flooring can make a room appear larger because it has a greater texture. It can also give a smaller room a larger feeling because of its shadow. If your walls have a high gloss finish, you can add a touch of depth to the room by adding a high gloss flooring product. You can choose a flooring product that is painted, gleaming, or distressed. Be sure that your flooring can handle these changes in appearance.

One renovation idea that is more common than you might think is installing a large window. If the wall behind the large window is brick, you can use this brick as the back wall for a sloped patio. You can add an island that runs from the back wall to the front wall to make a large seating area. This will make it easier to entertain visitors who have come to visit you and it will also provide some much needed light.

When you are doing a renovation, it is easy to forget about the large area between the walls. Lighter floors can make a large area seem even larger. You can make small rooms appear larger by adding a tile backsplash on one wall and a lighter floor on the other wall. Try to choose flooring that is durable, but you can also choose a pattern that is interesting without being overwhelming.

If you have a large fireplace in your living room, why not enhance the look by adding a stained glass lamp? Or if you want to keep the fireplace lit, you can install sconces on either side of the fireplace. A sconce can be made of metal, glass, or wood and it has the ability to really liven up the large area. You can even choose a color scheme that matches the rest of the decor in the room.

Do-it-yourself projects make finishing a project so much easier. There are endless possibilities when you are making smaller things that can make a difference in how a room looks. If you have an area of wall that has been neglected, do-it-yourself projects can help you make the area sparkle with color. If you have a problem with stains, do-it-yourself projects can help you get the stain out so that it looks brand new.

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