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Think Seriously Before Install Solid Wood Flooring

4475724186_75b1e3c72fLet us start with several questions you may want to think about

1. What type of environment carry out yo have got?? Do you have large fluctuations throughout humidity??
2. Just what attitude must you how your current floor appears to be.. how do you perceive scratches??
3. Do you need it to check perfect at all times or are you content with a a lot more ‘lived in’ feel???
4. Are there pets or perhaps kids??
5. Do you possess an underfloor heating system??

Lets take a look at wooden flooring before you going to install it.Doesn’t really need evidence… its a solid lump of wood… from your tree! Wooden flooring appearance and sense great yet it’s not for all.

It’s a normal product thus has a number of characteristics which usually need mentioning. All hardwood once felled will always react to actual environment with respect to moisture ranges. Higher humidity will cause solid wood flooring extension, oppositely lower humidity will bring shrinkage so if you provide an environment when the humidity varies significantly you should think critically before putting in solid wood surfaces. Older qualities with ineffective damp proofing, kitchens and also bathrooms could all probably cause difficulties as can certainly newly developed houses together with residual wetness in floors. If you are in different doubt we’d recommend acquiring a local flooring specialist to carry out a moisture test. Underfloor heating also can pose considerable problems to solid wood flooring and as a standard rule of thumb, the home owner might discourage from installing solid wood above underfloor heating.

4012124656_e61e93d6c2_zFinally, lets get on to wear and tear. Solid wood may mark after period of time due to wear and tear. If you’re gonna get sleepless about dents and scuff marks forget about install solid wood flooring inside your home. Unless you would like to put clothes on your puppies and make your home guests have wear slippers! That is a natural product and will produce a ‘patina’ as time passes. Personally highly recommend rustic grade solid wood…as it’s starts out a little less than perfect and has a great, warm, lived in feel to it and you won’t get stressed when the dog skids in chasing the cat or your child drops a metal toy…life’s to short to get stressed!!

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