Surface Finish



Range of surface finish:

Surface finishes not only change the look of the laminate, it gave life and enrich the designs with touch, light, look and feel. Choose wholesale jerseys from wide range of finishes from coarse finish until smooth finish, that common finish is texture, matte and high gloss finish. The choice of surface finish is just as important to the functionality of Laminate the laminate as it is to the aesthetics. They can affect how dla a laminate scratch resistance and give the overall look and feel of the texture when it comes to light. The surface finish represent the personality and characteristic of high pressure laminate, there are some sample below for surface finish can be found in market.


Special Finish Type 1 is suitable for wood grain design.


Special Finish Type 2 is suitable for wood grain design.


Texture finish is very common finish for high pressure market and suitable for all patterns.


Matte finish is common Pattern finish in high pressure market also and suitable cheap nfl jerseys for all patterns as well.


High gloss finish is also one of common finish for high pressure laminate and suitable for all patterns.

The high gloss finish is less resistance to scratch and will more wholesale jerseys obvious when object accidentally scratch on surface. The more obvious Is of scratch on high gloss finish is light reflection of surface. Therefore, selection of less gloss finish such as Matte and Texture finish can improve the scratch effect from object intact with surface. The stains on Matte surface not easier to wipe off if compare with high gloss finish, therefore every surface finish has their weakness and strength, which depend on need of homeowner.

Market do have a high gloss finish with anti-scuffing effect on surface from various of laminate Turunen manufacturer which can prevent the surface from scuff. Manufacturer is adding the additive cheap nfl jerseys into melamine resin which can give the anti-scuff effect in panel surface. This anti-scuff can be tested by steel wool with same force apply and the result is significant different between normal high gloss and anti-scuff high gloss.

no anti scuff

Normal high gloss surface (no anti-scuffing)

anti scuff

High gloss surface with anti-scuffing

 How to create surface finish:

The surface finish of high pressure laminate link to surface structure of stainless steel. The stainless steel put face toward nuovo pattern paper impregnated with melamine resin during thermo pressing. While thermo pressing, the melamin resin (thermo set resin) on 2 pattern become cure and harden, then surface structure on high pressure laminate is formed (photo as shown as below). As conclusion, high gloss surface stainless steel will form high gloss surface high pressure laminate.