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Paint the Kitchen Countertop

We could often questioned method to paint a existing high pressure laminate countertop and if it truly is even achievable. Yes, you may paint kitchen countertops, anyway you must get ready the kitchen counter surface cautiously beforehand using particular primer. Here’s just how.

(1) Rinse the counter tops with ammonia-based cleaner or something ammonia solution has been diluted with water. Obtain it as clear as possible, getting rid of all grime and dirt. If the surface has been dry, you could wish to set strips low-tack painter’s tape in any around the countertops.

(2) The next phase is to primary the counter top surface using a bonding spray, this will be sure the car paint will adhere to a nonporous surface. Some great bonding primers available in the market and you may purchase it from hardware store. Follow the guide manufacturers guidelines; plan on enabling the primer to set for approximately 24 hours just before painting. The particular odor may be strong, thus consider open your windows and also closing the space off from other house when you use these products.

(3) When the primer is dry out, it’s time and energy to paint your current selected brand-new color to the existing laminate counter. Nothing changes a kitchen look fairly much since countertop coatings, so ensure that you’ve matches swatches in your existing colorings – devices, walls, floor coverings and all. If you organize your food directly on countertop, then use water based paint; the chemicals inside oil based paint got risk to leech chemicals into your foods, which is not the good idea. Apply 2-3 thin layer of coloring, letting them dried up between each and every coating. If you love, and are sense creative, you could stencil-paint several patterned region on your layered countertops completely new base shade as well at this time.

(4) The last step is to seal off the paint. Three layers of satin or high-gloss non-yellowing polyurethane will give you highest durability. I favor water-based sealer; it will not modify the appearance of your surface appearance paint’s when it dries. Allow the sealer to dry for 24 hours. You could have to buy take-out dinners out for a couple of days and nights, but it will probably be worth it if you notice your wonderful new decorated laminate design kitchen counter top in your kitchen.

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