Inexpensive Ways To Secure Your Home



The following list guide you some inexpensive ways to secure your home:

1. A ladder is not encouraged to leave outside your house because a thief easily use your ladder entrance to your second story window.

2. Do not hesitate to ask identification card when service men visit your home. Avoid let your children answer the door and call the company for verification before let them in.

3. Always keep your excess cash in your bank. If you must keep some money at home, keep in area other than kitchen and bedroom because this is the first place a thief will see.

4 Take photo of your heirlooms and privacy items for identification at some later time.

5. Label all electronic appliances with a permanent etching of your name and social security number. After stole by a thief, he hard to re-sell your property and easy for you to recognise and get it back.

6. Do not be stupid leave message on your main entrance door to announce your absense. This action give a chance to thief target to your house.

7. Always watch closely any strange vehicle drive through your house. It could be a thief looking out the where abouts of you and your neighbors. Note down the vehicle plate and description and make a police report when it is necessary.

8. Buy a timer that will switchon your car pouch lights automatically especially when you are absence in home.

9. If you are plan for vacation, request help from your neighbour to picked up paper, leave raked and snoe sholved which make look like you are home.

10. Request post office hold your mail until you return.

11. Leave your furnace or central air on low so that people can hear it start up once in a while. This tells burglars that you won’t begone for long.

12. If you ever arrive home, and your door is open, or you see obvious signs of forced entry, DO NOT GO INSIDE, call the Police. Don’t be a hero!