High Pressure Laminate



High wholesale jerseys pressure laminate (HPL) is made from wholesale nfl jerseys layers of cellulosic fibrous material (normally paper) impregnated with thermoset resins and bonded together by high pressure and temperature.

The high pressure process is defined as a controlled process using simultaneous application of heat and specific Blog high pressure to provide flowing and subsequent curing of the thermoset resins. This results in the production cheap jerseys of a homogenous non-porous material which is then customized with the required surface finish.

High pressure laminate is consist of decorative colors or designs impregnated with melamine based resins, #1 while the core layers are impregnated with phenolic based resins.

Thin laminate panel is Hello a laminate less than 2mm thick Gift intended for bonding to supporting substrates and thick laminate panel is a laminate of thickness 2mm and greater which is self supporting at certain thickness (as shown photo below).


The thin laminate panel has a decorative surface on the front while the back Cheap has a surface which is made suitable for adhesive bonding cheap jerseys to a substrate. While the thick laminate (as shown photo below) panel has a dense solid core and can have decorative colors or designs on one or both sides.


The high pressure laminate is complying with EN438 standard based on thickness of product. Thin laminate panel is complying with EN438 part 3 standard and thick laminate panel is complying with EN438 part 4.