Do Not Abuse The Earth Resource



The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) mission is to promote environmentally beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world’s forests. Our vision is that we can meet our current needs and requirement for forest products without damage the health of the world’s forests for coming generations.

Forest management shall respect all applicable laws of the country in which they occur, and international treaties and agreements to which the country is a signatory, and comply with all FSC Principles and Criteria. Long-term tenure and use rights to the land and forest resources shall be clearly defined, documented and legally established. The legal and customary rights of indigenous peoples to own, use and manage their lands, territories, and resources shall be recognized and respected.

Forest management operations shall maintain or enhance the long-term social and economic well being of forest workers and local communities.Forest management operations shall encourage the efficient use of the forest’s multiple products and services to ensure economic viability and a wide range of environmental and social benefits.

Forest management shall conserve biological diversity and its associated values, water resources, soils, and unique and fragile ecosystems and landscapes, and, by so doing, maintain the ecological functions and the integrity of the forest. Management plan — appropriate to the scale and intensity of the operations — shall be written, implemented, and kept up to date. The long-term objectives of management, and the means of achieving them, shall be clearly stated. Monitoring shall be conducted — appropriate to the scale and intensity of forest management — to assess the condition of the forest, yields of forest products, chain of custody, management activities and their social and environmental impacts.