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Decorating Your Valentines With Candles

Classic pink, red and white color combination, aromatic candles, balloons and flowers are affordable and useful suggestions for room beautifying  that will make Valentines Day decor feel loving, romantic, unique and exclusive. Happy mood, warm words, hugs, kisses and smiles are essential ingredients of happy holiday also. Gorgeous details, romantic candles light and simple craft concepts add stylish features, create joyful atmosphere and memorable memory. You can design appealing arrangement with candles, ribbons, flowers, soft pillows, heart shaped balloons and made of paper heart design to delight your Valentine.

Float tea-light candles in glass bowls of water are inexpensive decorations that look very romantic in the bedroom and on the dining table. You can make small and large heart decorations with candles on the floor and on the bed, or arrange pink, red and white candles all over the room. Also you can create lovely path to your bed with small candles, or decorate your bathroom with candles and flower petals on Valentines Day.

These unscented floating leaf shaped candles will add that special touch to your fall valentines, banquet, or party table centerpieces. This candle is also a versatile decorating item for your fall and/or Thanksgiving home decor! Accent your autumn country primitive home or a variety of home decors by using this small sized candle. Each has an approximate burn time of one hour, are all unscented and made of wax.

Crystals, small glass prisms, translucent rocks and even marbles can add depth to your floating candle centerpiece. Cover the bottom of your bowl or glass with sparkling rocks that are either clear or colored. Don’t use opaque rocks. You want them to have transparency and to shimmer through the water in which your candle floats. makes “water pearls” that actually plump up when you add water to your centerpiece.
Some ideas for your floating candles include: If you’re making a large centerpiece, find several identical or similar candles that carry out your color or holiday theme. Use one dominant floating candle for a tall, slender candle holder. Consider the season and purpose of your centerpiece, too. At Christmas, use white star-shaped candles; on Valentine’s Day, use red heart-shaped candles. In the spring, you can alternate flower and butterfly floating candles in assorted colors. For summer, pastel seashell candles will set the mood.

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