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Cleaning Of Your Silk Carpet

IMG_5845Silk carpets would be the most expensive carpets and rugs we create in Indian. Did a person ever believed how these types of silk rugs are washed and looked after?

Silk carpets are made from cotton harvested through the cocoons of silk worms. Yes, do not get surprise because of this make sure you treat it correctly to ensure you usually do not damage the actual soft materials.

1 . Turn the carpet down from backside, so the front part of the rug is straight down. Beat gradually the back part of silk rug using the broom, this has impact that it loosens the dust caught within the silk fibres, making it easier to get rid of when cleaning. Warning!!! Make sure you do not beat top side of the rug, as you may harm delicate a silk threads.

2. Though its not necessary but you should try to vacuum a silk rug twice a week to remove dust and dirt that falls into the rug’s fibers. Please ensure to use a sweeper attachment to clean the rug.

3. Whenever any fluid is dropped on a silk carpets, Mark the area rug with a white-colored cloth or even paper hand towel, until almost all liquid is actually removed.

4. After all liquid is removed, apply the club soda on the marks, working by outside the mark toward the lining. If this is certainly not convenient for you, you can even mix one particular part vinegar white and one portion water in addition to apply this specific to the grime, continue blotting until the spot is taken away.

5. Dried the wet area using a hair dryer as well as leave a devotee running around the rug before the area is definitely dry, attempt to avoid sunlight.

6. When you do not want to use the silk rugs, store a silk rug by rolling it up with the fuzzy side on the outside. Use the sheet to cover, the roll to avoid any dust.

7. Enjoy using the silk rugs, again whenever you wish so.

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