Use Antibacterial Material To Prevent Disease




In the world of today there is a constant growth of hygiene importance and awareness in a wide variety of applications like the health care sector or other hygiene sensitive applications. Antibacterial surface solution combined with a high quality decorative surface material like a High Pressure Laminate is very important today.

How does antibacterial work?

  • The active agent is dissolved in the melamine resin and will release its effectiveness in the event of a direct contact with the surface.
  • When bacteria come into contact with the surface, the additive will damage their cells in a number of ways. The consequence is that it will prevent the further growth of the bacteria and the bacteria will die out.

Antibacterial performance is tested according to the JIS Z 2801: 2000 (Antimicrobial products – Test for antimicrobial activity and efficacy) for 2 common bacteria which are E.coli and MRSA. This antibacterial properties surface prevent the growth of bacteria on surface up to 99%.